Anatomy of a Yapsody Event

Talent Buying 200+ Headline Artist Bookings Annually

Artist Fees

Volume + Internal Routing = Most Favorable Contract Terms

Customer Support

#1 hands-on support in the industry


Optimized decision-making on talent to minimize risk and maximize profits

Concert Production 150+ Events Produced Annually

Production Costs

Avg 25% reduction in production costs


Comprehensive advancing and onsite production supervision


Streamline production with Yapsody’s proprietary Production Cloud App

Event Ticketing 100K+ Presenters Worldwide


of tickets per year


growing ticketing system in history


of events per year

Keep The Fees

Thousands of $ in ticketing fees per show added to your bottom line

Patron Building20%+ Boost in Audience Reach

Digital Marketing

Perfected techniques for promoting shows to supplement your own marketing

Email Blasts

Target new customers from Yapsody Ticketing’s extensive customer database


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