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Yapsody is a global talent buying firm operating since 1995 which offers maximum savings with unmatched attention to your overall entertainment requirements. Through years of expertise in the art of sourcing artists with pinpoint management, Yapsody has been elemental to the success of the Native American casino industry, delivering the finest live entertainment experiences to our renowned casino clientele in the United States.

Take Control of Your Talent Buying With

Data Driven Insights

Yapsody Entertainment has over 10 years of rich, reliable casino ticket sales data on a multitude of artists and genres, making it easy for us to obtain definitive, hard data for making booking decisions on artists. Moreover, the fact that this data is proprietary to Yapsody provides our clients a significant competitive advantage.

Feasible Routing Options

At Yapsody, we don’t simply “piggyback” on routed events. Rather, as the largest provider of entertainment to Native American casinos, we have the ability to purchase multiple performances of an artist and proactively route artists amongst our own venues. This ultimately results in lower artist fees and far greater access to choice artists.

Access to Leading Artists Across Genres

Having worked with the hottest names like Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Tim McGraw, Train, Keith Urban, Charley Pride, Air Supply, The Charlie Daniels Band, Rick Springfield and many more artists from various genres, our expertise spans across different dimensions of entertainment.

The Most Favorable Terms

Yapsody firmly believes in charging flat-fees for its services. This renders our fee model completely transparent by eliminating the inherent conflicts of interest that arise with traditional fee models. Moreover, Yapsody provides ticketing services at no extra charge to its concert clients, allowing them to upgrade their entertainment programs by presenting more shows and/or more expensive artists.

Experience Unprecedented Quality, Convenience and Increased Profit Through

25% Reduction In Production Costs

Yapsody offers optional full production services to concert clients at no extra charge regardless of size or scope of the event. We have succeeded in consistently saving our clients an average of 20% to 30% on production costs while also improving production quality.

An Expert Analytics Team

Our proprietary analytics allow us to make projections with reduced margins of error, leading to heightened risk reduction. Over time, this results in increased net profits and more rapid growth for Yapsody clients’ entertainment programs, giving them a significant edge over their competitors.

Our Production Cloud App

Our Production Cloud App helps to streamline your onsite logistics. When producing events, Yapsody typically handles all aspects of production for a multitude of venue types, such as fixed indoor theaters, multi-purpose rooms, and outdoor amphitheaters that may require stage-build and/or tenting.

24/7 Customer Support

Yapsody finds it most constructive for our casino clients to focus on their customers and gaming services while we handle all issues related to artists and event logistics. The productivity increase, stress reduction, and immense cost savings that we provide has led casinos to go so far as to literally hand us the keys to the theater in order to produce the shows and maintain the venue.

200+ Headline Artist Bookings Annually

Gary Allan


Snoop dogg

Sara Evans

3 Doors Down

Air Supply

Bill Engvall

Blue Oyster Cult



Along with talent buying, Yapsody branches out further with a SaaS-based ticketing platform that delivers cutting-edge solutions to thousands of event presenters across the globe. If your event requires ticketing or invite-based entry, Yapsody automates that as well, so that you don’t have to deal with any third party services. Not only can you keep the ticketing fees to your bottom line, but our marketing team explores all the digital marketing possibilities to bring in more customers.

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